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Hi, I'm Katie. I have loved and cared for animals of many species and sizes for three decades in many settings. Not only have I always had my own pets, ranging from small (cats, bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, birds, and even a scorpion) to large dogs and goats, but I have also immersed myself in animal work, both working and volunteering for animal rescues and sanctuaries in every state I've lived. One of those sanctuaries was for rescued victims of the exotic animal trade where I was blessed to work with some really cool exotics including lemurs, kangaroos, large water monitors and snakes, alligators, coatimundi, and even a civet cat.

When I'm not working, I enjoy being outdoors with my own pets, hiking, camping, and swimming. I also enjoy participating in animal-friendly events, fostering, and transporting whenever possible.

I'm Myra - Katie's mom, friend and mentor. I've always loved being around animals, but have never had the intuitive connection Katie has with all kinds of creatures.

I am a retired librarian, and enjoy the organizational aspects of business, handling most of the admin/tech/marketing chores. I also help with both overnight sitting and occasional extra bookings.

Three guesses what I like to do with time off...if you guessed reading, you're right! I also enjoy cooking and sharing with friends, and spending quiet time in the garden.